2018 Outlook on Renewable Energy 16 Nov 2018

For decades now solar has been offered as an alternative method of energy consumption to be used by homes, businesses and other types of property across the world. With the ongoing battle against climate change, here, Eco Partners have looked at the support of renewable energy this year, and how solar has performed.

Back in 2016, it was announced that solar was the fastest growing source of new energy, combating renewable allies such as wind and hydroelectric. According to The Guardian, 66% of new power that was added to the world’s grid came from renewable energy sources, with solar leading the charge.

The last two years has seen great success for solar. On the 8th of November, a Public Attitudes Tracker survey that was published by the UK Government saw that 83% of respondents still supported the use of solar PV across the UK. Whilst this is a 4% decrease from the 87% figure which was recorded in March, solar remains country’s most popular renewable energy source by public support, ahead of wind in position two.

Other sources of renewable energy aren’t experiencing the same level of support, however. Fracking has caused plenty of controversy in recent years due to its exposure of potentially carcinogenic chemicals and direct impact it has on minor earth tremors. Public support for this method has slid from 18% to 15%. A potential reason for this could be the most recent tremors to occur at the Preston New Road site in Lancashire, where 37 minor earthquakes have been triggered over a three-week period.

As a supplier of solar PV equipment to homes and businesses throughout the country, Eco Partners’ support of solar and other sustainable forms of renewable energy generation remains strong. We are also lucky enough to be one of the UK’s only suppliers and installers of EnPhase Microinverters and Enphase batteries. This places us as a market leader when it comes to the installation, repair, and maintenance of solar panels for clients throughout the UK.

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