Eco Partners Repair Panels at Rugby Club in Halifax 21 Nov 2018

Eco Partners were recently called to carry out an inspection of the solar panels installed on a local rugby club in Halifax.

They have quite an extensive solar panel setup installed, which has the capability of generating in the region of 7500 Kwh per year. Unfortunately, they had no system maintainer and so when they realised that production was down massively from the previous year, they had nobody to turn to.

This is why they got in contact with the team here at Eco Partners.

We arranged for one of our engineers to visit the site and carry out an inspection.

When we arrived on the site and started digging we immediately found that production was 66% lower than last year, despite this being the best summer we’ve had in 40 years.

When the original installation was carried out, they did supply an Envoy Unit, however they also prioritised the internet connection over the powerline connection. This meant that the Envoy was plugged directly into the router and was powered using a local undedicated socket.

This is something that we see often when inspecting solar installations carried out by competitors. It gives the client a strong internet connection, but a weak connection between the micro-inverters and the Envoy. This is because the signal must pass down through the roof and past any existing electrical features, which causes a large amount of interference.

The effect of this was, as the Envoy had a good internet connection, it could receive updates from Enphase, but due to the poor connection between the Envoy and the inverters, these updates couldn’t execute on the micro-inverters. As the software was outdated, the micro inverters were simply not functioning as they should, and were causing the grid profiles to overwrite themselves and shut down.

Our engineer relocated the Envoy directly onto the PV powerline, fit suppression equipment to stop interference from the existing electrical system and then hardwired the internet directly from the router to the Envoy. The latest software was then passed onto the micro inverters and the issue was resolved.

The Old Crossleyans Rugby Club are now back up to full power. If they had a system maintainer, such as Eco Partners, from the start, this issue would have been identified and resolved before it cost them nearly a year’s worth of power.

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