Eco Partners – We do What it Says on the Tin 28 Mar 2019

At Eco Partners, we keep a constant eye on your solar panel installation to make sure it is always running as efficiently as possible, saving you money every single month. But that isn’t all. We also keep an eye out for issues that may arise so that we can head them off before they escalate.

Which is exactly what recently we did with a current client.

Mr West, who lives in Manchester, has a solar panel installation which is currently monitored by Eco Partners. We got a notification that something was wrong with the system. Straight away we got in contact with the client and asked him if he knew of any issues with his internet. He didn’t. We then went through our troubleshooting. He found that his entire system had tripped and was not functioning. This was an easy issue to resolve, but had we not noticed it the client’s solar installation would simply not have generated electricity.

Mr West had this to say:

“We would not have found out until it was time to hand the readings in. We send them in every 6 months and had only given the latest one a week ago. We would have lost the money for the best part of the year. That would be a few hundred pounds. Like they said they would, they monitor the system”

When you sign up to have your system monitored by Eco Partners that is exactly what you are getting. We watch your system 24/7 to make sure it is working as it should. If any issues to arise then we are on hand to make sure that they are not issues for long. We see it as a challenge to save our clients as much money as we can every single month.

Rest assured, your investment is safe with Eco Partners .

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