February Heat Wave: Good for Solar, Bad for the Planet? 27 Feb 2019

The absurd heatwave that has taken over parts of the country this February has had the UK population literally beaming with excitement. In addition to boosting the general mood of the public, the increase in UV rays are certain to be a boost for the generation of energy from solar panels.

During a season where households and businesses are more likely to be reliant on energy generated from past seasons, this dependence may not be as strong due to the uncharacteristic weather.

Eco Partners are passionate about the generation of solar energy. Whilst the warm weather has brightened the overall feel across the UK, let this not cloud our awareness of the possibility that more important factors could be at large here.

Whether the freak weather is happening solely as a result of climate change or not is difficult to attribute to an anomaly that has occurred over a short space of time.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Professor James Screen, a climate scientist at The University of Exeter said,

“Overall, climate change is meaning that hot extremes are getting more likely and cold extremes are getting less likely.”

So, whilst global warming can be a factor, this doesn’t mean it is the sole culprit.

Regardless, even if the ‘February winter heat wave’ is purely a ‘one-off’, it should be a warning that Global Warming is still active today.

Through the consistent supply of solar panels and solar technology, here at Eco Partners, we are actively playing a role in reducing the carbon footprints of many homes and businesses. Supplying solar products from brands such as LG Pro and EnPhase, we can help companies comply with ongoing Government carbon reduction schemes.

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