Potential Major Drop in Average Price of Solar 14 Dec 2018

This year, Eco Partners UK has seen more commercial, industrial and residential sites invest in solar panel technology in attempt to minimise their impact on the environment and reduce overheads.

The last 12 months has seen growth for the solar and renewable energy industries. With increased output over the summer months resulting in records being shattered, the positive performance seems set to continue into 2019.

According to analysis conducted by the Solar Trade Association, the average cost of solar could reach a new low of £40 per megawatt hour by 2030. On the 11th of December, the analysis by the STA showed that at present, solar can be deployed at around £50-£60/MWh. This allows solar to compete with rival renewables such as onshore wind and makes it much more attractive to industrial and commercial customers seeking solar panel installation.

Other factors contributing to the positive output of solar includes the expected operational life of solar farms. Industry standard previously expected most farms to be in operation for 25 years, whereas now the expectation has grown to excess of 30, and in some cases 40 years.

Nicholas Gall, STA Policy Analyst estimates that in 2019, between 300MW and 500MW could be installed.

Despite the possible variation in price depending on site, the STA believe that under a long-term power purchase contract, solar could be the most affordable technology to generate electricity in the UK.

Highlights of the analysis can be found via the STA Blog and via Solar Power Portal.

As a certified installer of a wide range of solar products, Eco Partners look forward to the future of solar farms, technology and general updates from the renewables industry.

We stock solar technology from brands such as LG, Renusol, Schletter and EnPhase. If you would like to know more about how we can supply you with one of the UK’s most efficient sources of renewable energy, contact us on 01484 810350.

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