Warning If You Are Having Smart Meters Fitted 18 Dec 2018

Smart meters have been around for a while now, and we can understand why many people are having them installed. Smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you are using and what it’s costing you on a day to day basis.

This obviously gives people accountability and better tracking of their energy usage. They also make the need for annoying meter readings redundant. Yep, we can definitely see the appeal in getting one.

However, smart meters need installing by an engineer, and often these engineers only have training in the installation of smart meters, nothing else. Therefore they often make mistakes when trying to link it up to the solar installation you have installed on your home.

We have received several calls to date from clients who are having trouble after having a smart meter installed. Following an investigation each one was found to have the same issue. When the smart meter was installed the engineer removed the clamps, and re-installed them incorrectly. Doing so can have a serious detrimental affect on the functionality of the solar installation.

We ask all clients who are having a smart meter installed to take note of the positioning of the clamps before the installation is carried out, and to ensure that they are refitted the same way when the installation is complete. If you are unsure of what you need to look out for just give us call on 01484 810350.

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