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The Feed in Tariff is ending! Currently, homeowners receive payments for every Kilowatt of energy their solar panels produce. However, very soon the current Feed in Tariff is coming to an end, and it won’t be replaced!

However, if you act now you can take advantage of the current tariff for the next 20 years! This means over the next two decades you could earn up to £20,000 back from your solar installation!

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 “Eco Partners installer was extremely efficient and knowledgeable. After the installation they did a full efficiency check and panel performance analysis and to my amazement found that only of the panels was massively under-performing. Upon further inspection they found that the panel had developed a fault even though the micro inverters had not detected it. Eco Partners then organised for the replacement panel to be installed through the insurance company not costing me a penny. I now have full piece of mind going forward as Eco Partners are my system maintainer.”

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