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Eco Partners install Solar Panels and Battery Storage for both new and existing customers. In 2017 Eco Partners were responsible for 75% of all Enphase Batteries installed in the UK, which gave us a total market share of 7%. With RECC and MCS accreditation, and the backing of the Consumer Protection Association, rest assured your investment is safe with Eco Partners.


Eco Partners Monitor over 4300 systems for Enphase end users. The Solar industry is finally recovering from the tariff cuts imposed by the government. However, this has seen a vast decrease in the number of companies trading in this sector. Eco Partners specialise in becoming a System Maintainer for Enphase users who have found themselves in the unfortunate position of their original installer no longer trading or supporting the installation.


Eco Partners are the UK’s largest system maintainer of Enphase products. We specialise in liaising with insurance companies (all solar installations came with an insurance backed guarantee) to ensure customers are not out of pocket when on the rare occasions site visits are required.

Solar Panels

So, is solar still worth having?

Other than saving the planet and reducing your carbon footprint (reason enough for some) does Solar still make financial sense?

There are many variables that will affect the returns you receive from the FIT.

Inflation will increase the generation and export tariffs each year. The Bank of England’s target rate of inflation is 2% – this is a useful figure to use when calculating what future tariffs may be.

Electricity price increases will affect how much you save on your electricity bills. The higher electricity prices go, the greater your savings will be.

Cost of solar panel installation has fallen swiftly since the launch of the FIT scheme. If this trend continues, the rates of return you receive from solar panels could be potentially higher as it will take less time to repay your initial outlay.

Solar Panels

Maximising your solar panel investment

If you’re thinking of investing in solar panels, a good way of making the most of your money is to reinvest any cash you save on your energy bill, plus any money you make from producing electricity. Think about putting it into a cash Isa, regular savings account or even a high-interest current account.  You could receive interest on your earnings and build up a decent savings nest egg.  Rates can vary throughout the year, so make sure you check regularly to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your money.

Solar Panels

Paying for your solar panels

The most cost-effective way to pay for the installation of solar PV panels is upfront and in full. However, if you don’t have the cash to pay upfront, you may want to consider either a loan or re-mortgaging.  If you do decide to do this, remember that you’ll have to pay interest on any money you borrow.

Eco Partners can help you decide, we use state of the art computer software to factor in all of the above and make an informed decision.

Enphase Batteries

Enphase batteries are designed to allow you to use solar energy when there would normally be none available.
This includes in the hours of darkness overnight and the very early hours of the morning. This gives you a greater opportunity to make the most of the renewable energy you have generated from your solar panels. Read the full data spec sheet for the Enphase AC battery.

Revolutionising Storage

We now install the Enphase AC Battery, a modular, plug-and-play solution that’s fully integrated into the Enphase Home Energy Solution. With it, we’re bringing the same distributed architecture to storage that we brought to solar. Finally, a solar energy solution that’s better for everyone.

Be more self sufficient with a Enphase Battery

The Enphase AC BatteryTM is simple to install, safe, very reliable, and provides the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar customers and retrofit customers. In addition, as an installer, you can design the right system size to meet the needs of the homeowner.

Inverter Replacement

Conventional string inverters are notorious for failing and often only come with a 5-year guarantee. As Solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years you may find yourself replacing your inverter anywhere between 2 to 5 times. Eco Partners recommend changing from a conventional string inverter to Micro Inverters. Enphase Micro Inverters are guaranteed for 25 year and therefore more cost efficient when factoring replacing a conventional inverter 2 or 3 times over. However, we are able to replace like for like and we can tailor all quotes to your circumstances. We have access to all manufacturers and brands and will be more than delighted to source you the inverter that best suits your needs.


Eco Partners can help you maximise your annual solar production and give you peace of mind with a 20 Year Warranty Technology moves at a staggering rate, and solar is no different. As the UK’s largest maintainer of Enphase, Eco Partners are able to supply, install and manage any, or all, of these upgrades:


Micro inverters

Old solar panel setups use string inverters which essentially treat all your solar panels as one big unit. This means that your solar panel system will only ever be as efficient as your least efficient panel. Micro inverters are installed under each panel, and make use of the most power possible so you can get the most out of your system. They can:

  • Increase production by up to 20%
  • Ensure your panels are performing within 25 year performance warranty
  • Eliminate your system’s downtime
  • Monitor your solar panels with live data



Don’t want your excess power going back to the grid? No problem, thanks to the advanced technology in Enphase’s batteries you can now store the power and use it during the night, or when your panels aren’t generating enough. By doing so you can reduce your utility bills even more than you currently are.



The Enlighten Platform from Enphase works in perfect harmony with their micro inverters and batteries. The platform provides you with real-time data about how your panels are performing, and it enables us to manage your panels remotely. This lets us head off any issues before they begin, and makes sure that you are always getting the most out of your panels, all the time. Read more about Enphase upgrades here.


Who can use it

Because of the compact size and ability to scale up, Sunamp Heat Batteries can be used in various applications. The red cells are designed in a modular fashion with the smallest battery containing two red cells and the largest so far containing 40 red cells.

The smallest SunampPV is sufficient for a typical family home in the UK providing up to 75% of hot water use for free, while the larger heat batteries,
the SunampStack and SunampCube, can support more demanding environments such as large homes, guest houses, hotels, office complexes as well as farms and district heating networks. 

Hot water and space heating when you need it
  • Brand new method of storing energy
  • Easy installation, modular and compact
  • Beats hot water tanks and electric batteries for size, power and price
  • Bespoke designs tailored to your needs
  • For your home, office, car, farm or even yacht
  • Monitor energy usage in real-time
  • Benefits you without harming the environment
  • Up to 75% of your hot water for FREE
  • SAVE up to £500 per year
  • Dramatic efficiency gains and cost savings
  • High flow rate hot water on demand
  • Lowest heat loss on the market
  • Fits under a sink
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Tested to last 40 years
  • Designed for the circular economy

Easy Installation

A SunampPV weighs 85kg, which is nearly 50% lessthan a full hot water cylinder. On average Sunamp products weigh half as much and take up just a third of the space of hot water cylinders.

For installations accessed by stairs, Sunamp products divide up into parts that can be hand carried. It only takes half a day to install SunampPV and it fits comfortably within a standard kitchen cabinet or locally by the combi boiler. The heat battery connects via a diversion controller and is wired via a 13A fused spur.

As approved installers of SunampPV, Eco Partners will ensure the product is installed in line with manufacturer’s guidelines ensuring full peace of mind for the consumer and a no quibble guarantee.

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