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Who can use it

Because of the compact size and ability to scale up, Sunamp Heat Batteries can be used in various applications. The red cells are designed in a modular fashion with the smallest battery containing two red cells and the largest so far containing 40 red cells.

The smallest SunampPV is sufficient for a typical family home in the UK providing up to 75% of hot water use for free, while the larger heat batteries,
the SunampStack and SunampCube, can support more demanding environments such as large homes, guest houses, hotels, office complexes as well as farms and district heating networks. 

Hot water and space heating when you need it
  • Brand new method of storing energy
  • Easy installation, modular and compact
  • Beats hot water tanks and electric batteries for size, power and price
  • Bespoke designs tailored to your needs
  • For your home, office, car, farm or even yacht
  • Monitor energy usage in real-time
  • Benefits you without harming the environment
  • Up to 75% of your hot water for FREE
  • SAVE up to £500 per year
  • Dramatic efficiency gains and cost savings
  • High flow rate hot water on demand
  • Lowest heat loss on the market
  • Fits under a sink
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Tested to last 40 years
  • Designed for the circular economy

Easy Installation

A SunampPV weighs 85kg, which is nearly 50% lessthan a full hot water cylinder. On average Sunamp products weigh half as much and take up just a third of the space of hot water cylinders.

For installations accessed by stairs, Sunamp products divide up into parts that can be hand carried. It only takes half a day to install SunampPV and it fits comfortably within a standard kitchen cabinet or locally by the combi boiler. The heat battery connects via a diversion controller and is wired via a 13A fused spur.

As approved installers of SunampPV, Eco Partners will ensure the product is installed in line with manufacturer’s guidelines ensuring full peace of mind for the consumer and a no quibble guarantee.

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