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Eco Partners can help you maximise your annual solar production and give you peace of mind with a 20 Year Warranty Technology moves at a staggering rate, and solar is no different. As the UK’s largest maintainer of Enphase, Eco Partners are able to supply, install and manage any, or all, of these upgrades:


Micro inverters

Old solar panel setups use string inverters which essentially treat all your solar panels as one big unit. This means that your solar panel system will only ever be as efficient as your least efficient panel. Micro inverters are installed under each panel, and make use of the most power possible so you can get the most out of your system. They can:

  • Increase production by up to 20%
  • Ensure your panels are performing within 25 year performance warranty
  • Eliminate your system’s downtime
  • Monitor your solar panels with live data



Don’t want your excess power going back to the grid? No problem, thanks to the advanced technology in Enphase’s batteries you can now store the power and use it during the night, or when your panels aren’t generating enough. By doing so you can reduce your utility bills even more than you currently are.



The Enlighten Platform from Enphase works in perfect harmony with their micro inverters and batteries. The platform provides you with real-time data about how your panels are performing, and it enables us to manage your panels remotely. This lets us head off any issues before they begin, and makes sure that you are always getting the most out of your panels, all the time. Read more about Enphase upgrades here.

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