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What is Solar PV?

PV stands for Photo (light) Voltaic (Electric). Solar PV panels convert light into electricity. They continue to produce electricity on overcast days. It’s just that their output will be higher... Read More

What does an inverter do?

Inverters change the DC current from the panels to AC current needed for your home and the grid. Eco Partners recommend using Enphase micro inverters. This is an inverter on... Read More

How do I know you’re selling me the right system?

We base our quotations on information from you. Our remote online quotation service means we don’t push customers into anything. We provide information and let you choose, in your own... Read More

How much electric will my PV panels generate?

Depending on where in the country, a 4kWp system on an unshaded, south facing roof can generate over 4000 units (kWh) per year. If your roof is East or West facing... Read More

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